Feb 14, 2019 – Singapore’s popular CreatureS has just opened its sister venture in Beijing. As CreatureS’ first branch in China, the restaurant chose to name itself “Tease”, as this modern Asian eatery does just that: Tease your senses and palette with creature comforts.

Located on the first floor of Stey Wangfujing, a design and humanity-driven coliving apartment in Baishu hutong at Dengshikou, Tease inherits CreatureS’ Straits-Chinese roots and pays homage to Beijing. But most importantly, Tease is here to introduce the concept of “soul food” – food that not only delights the
taste buds but also comforts the soul, food that you want to share with your friends and family, and food that speaks “home”.

In Singapore, CreatureS established itself very quickly after it first opened its door in 2015, known and much loved for its innovative and mouth-watering modern Singaporean cuisine (Mod-Sin). Now, CreatureS is a three-time winner of Tatler’s Best Restaurant in Singapore. With all the success under its belt, it’s
hard to imagine that the restaurant’s two founders – Dennis Chong and Kok Keong Chong – were completely strangers to the dining industry when they began. Nevertheless, their passion and genuine hospitality have brought them this far.

Now, the same passion and warmth have been introduced to Tease, along with the original team from Singapore. Executive Chef Jardine and Head Pastry Chef Jacob Justus arrived in Beijing six months before the opening to grasp a solid understanding and appreciation about Beijing’s food and culture. By doing
so they hope to perfectly incorporate the essence of Beijing into the Tease menu, and to provide local foodies with the most unforgettable dining experience.

Just like in CreatureS in Singapore, the Beijing culinary team excels at turning heirloom recipes into creative delicacies. For instance, Kampung Beef Rendang at Tease has undergone a make-over as the chef applies a more modern slow cooking method and a more artistic presentation into its making, transforming a
seemingly traditional dish into a dish that is both stunning in its taste and its visual.

Some dishes are also familiarity in disguise, with pleasant surprises. Case in point, “The Tofu Blooms”. It may look unfamiliar to the eye, but a bite will bring the tastes buds home right away, for it is, in fact, an everyday Chinese dish called Pidan Doufu (Tofu with Preserved Egg). “Wait, it is?” You couldn’t help but wonder, because the more you dig into the dish, the more you’ll realize that it’s actually an innovation based on tradition, thanks to the creative use of preserved egg yolk as the salad sauce.

The Vietnamese Hainanese Chicken Rolls is another example of traditional tastes presented and served in modern ways. The collaboration is a concentrate of the better of two worlds – all the flavors of Hainanese Chicken Rice, served in the form of Vietnamese Spring Rolls (easy on the table manners and great to share with loved ones).

The desserts at Tease are also a true reflection of the restaurant’s innovative gene. Before joining CreatureS, Jacob has traveled the world and gained his experience at New York’s prestigious Eleven Madison Park, a three Michelin-Starred legend. He is known for creating desserts that pay tribute to the classics while incorporating the uniqueness of local flavors and culture at the same time.

A new dessert Jacob created for Beijing is called the “The Peking Opera”. By introducing passion fruit, raspberry puree and dark chocolate decorations to the classic French Opera cake, it results in a sweet delight that resembles the color combination of a Peking Opera mask. Humorous touches as such is exactly
what Tease by CreatureS hopes to bring onto every plates served.

Here at Tease, finishing the dessert doesn’t mean the end of a magical night. It will be a pity not visiting La-Bar-Atory afterwards. Also located in Stey, La-Bar-Atory is an eye-opening watering hole that feels more like an alcohol laboratory rather than a cocktail bar. Bartenders here apply scientific techniques such as
distillation, fermentation, clarification and aging to extract flavors from all sorts of ingredients, then use these rare flavors in each cocktail shaked and muddled. For example, the martinis here are not in the common fruit and herb flavors, but bacon, sweet pepper, black garlic, salty milk tea, and many other flavors that would previously only exist in your wildest imagination.

In the fast-pace urban life style that we live in today where we constantly long for comfort, humour and playfulness, who wouldn’t love a mouthful of “soul food” and a bit of “Tease” to tingle and trigger a pleasant sensation?

[About Stey]

Stey is a design driven co-living space developed by White Peak, a Swedish real estate developer that focuses on the Chinese market. Stey looks to bring a new solution to China’s urban living, and create a multi-purpose space that provides high-quality, multi-functional and flexible residence for urbanites living
a hectic life. The first Stey apartment and hotel has opened in Wangfujing in early 2019.

Tease by CreatureS
Address: F1, Stey Wangfujing, 15 Baishu Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Business Hours: MON-FRI 11:00am – 10:00pm; SAT&SUN 10:30am – 10:30pm

Business Hours: Daily 6:00pm – 02:00am

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